Pacific Region Baseball, Inc. believes in helping to build a better tomorrow for our youth through cultural and educational exchange. Since 1984, Hawaii Island Movers Baseball has fielded a team of collegiate ballplayers that participate in over 30 games throughout the summer academic break in Hawaii and Asia.

Most of these players are student-athletes that return home to Hawaii from their respective programs all over the nation. In addition to playing in front of their friends and family in Hawaii, these young men are awarded the chance to travel throughout Asia and interact with regional all-star players from Korea and Japan. Players from across the US seek to play for the Movers due to this unique travel and playing opportunity.

Although the games are important, it is the spirit of international goodwill, and the education of cultural exchange, that characterize the value of Hawaii Island Movers Baseball. Exposure to new cultures and customs offers character-building opportunities that these young men carry far beyond their years in baseball. All members of the Hawaii Island Movers teams are counted on to act as ambassadors for Hawaii.

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